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Bars Of Wisdom is a monthly newsletter providing a range of hip-hop driven, written content. Since June 2021, the aim has been for you, the reader, to acquire wisdom through the medium of hip-hop - the greatest, most creative art form of modern times. And best of all? It’s free!

You can expect to see:

  • Breakdowns of lyrics - deciphering their meaning and highlighting the lessons applicable to the ins & outs of today’s world

  • Q&As with hip-hop creators and enthusiasts

  • How hip-hop inspires and relates to other areas of global culture

  • How to adopt a hip-hop style mental model to problem solving consumption

  • Analysis of hip-hop literature and more traditional sources and mediums such as books, films and philosophy

  • And anything else inspired by a culture, genre, artform and movement that has sparked my interest and curiosity all of my life

Hip-hop has an undeniable influence globally. This genre of music has helped me find my personal identity, positively impacted countless aspects of my everyday lifestyle and contributed greatly to developing my internal logic in how I see things in the world. I’m on a mission to help hip-hop do the same for you.

So sign up to Bars Of Wisdom today to gain a unique perspective of the world we live in. Lets all grow our identity, lifestyle and logic together, one bar and one nugget of wisdom at a time.

Both photos used are by Jonathan Mannion.

Still unsure if Bars Of Wisdom is for you? See my introduction article, “The Intro”, for a deeper insight into what you can expect from this newsletter.

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